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Investor Relations

Questions and answers from various sources are regularly posted here. Do not hesitate to call us or send an email should you have further questions.

Q: Where does StemLife stock trade under and what ticker?
A: StemLife is traded on the Bursa Malaysia under the ticker STEMLFE and code number 0137.

Q: I am interested to buy StemLife shares. Where can I buy them?
A: StemLife shares can be bought or sold via most stockbrokers. StemLife does not sell or buy shares from the public and you have to purchase shares via stockbrokers. StemLife shares are traded on the Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur under the ticker STEMLFE under code number 0137.

Q: I am interested in your financial reports, company information, and anything relating to your marketing strategy. What can you send me?
A: As a matter of policy, we do not produce financial information packs. All the relevant information can be found here in our website. Please click on the menu ‘Reports’ and you will access all our financial reports. The website also provides comprehensive information such as press releases, management profile, history, industry overview among many other things.

Q: Is StemLife Syariah compliant?
Yes, we are Syariah compliant. Our business is accredited by the KL Syariah Index. We conform to all the financial screening.

Q: What is StemLife’s dividend policy?
A: StemLife intends to set aside up to 50% of current year profit after tax for payment of dividends.

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