What Does MyGenes Test?

Pre-pregnancy planning


“Tells you if you are a carrier of a genetic disease.”

Each of us carries all sorts of traits that we do not show, but we may pass on to our children who may develop a disease or become a carrier. With MyGenes, we screen for more than 76 recessive genetic conditions that could help you in your pregnancy planning. Recessive genetic conditions are caused by mutations that can be carried silently in a family for generations, only to be discovered when two carriers have a child with the condition. The most well-known of these are diseases like cystic fibrosis, non-syndromic hereditary hearing loss, Tay-Sachs disease, and beta-thalassaemia, to name a few.

Health conditions


“Predicts the possibility of you developing a disease or condition in the future”

Helps to predict the possibility of you developing a disease or condition in more than 24 diseases, thus enabling individuals to make informed decisions to try to mitigate those conditions; particularly where lifestyle and environment may also play a significant role.

Drug response


“Tells you how your body may respond to a number of common medical drugs. “

Your genetic make-up has influence on how certain drugs are processed in the body, and thus causing them to be more or less effective, or in some cases lead to personal harm with the wrong medication. This highly personalized test indicates which medications are optimal for you based on your genotype, allowing caregivers to prescribe the optimal dosage for you. Even if you are not currently taking any of these medications, this information could be critical in an emergency situation.



Wish to gain, maintain, or lose weight?

NUTRIFIT is the way forward to boost your health through nutrition & lifestyle medicine, effectively and beneficially. This test establishes individual oriented therapeutic options and personalized nutrition by screening over 200 genes that represent the best and most recent genetic research in diet, nutrition, exercise and weight-related health conditions. Based on your genetics and lifestyle this test will help you meet the following goals:

  1. Reach and maintain a healthy weight
  2. Find out how your genes influence your weight
  3. Find out how your genes influence your eating behavior
  4. Understand your metabolism and dietary traits
  5. Know how to care for your body through proper diet, nutrition & lifestyle choices
  6. Get the most benefit from physical activity and exercise
  7. Feel better and more energized when you need it

Some examples of what MyGenes test on:

Screen for >76 genetic diseases
Screen for >24 complex diseases
Screen for >15 common drugs
Test for over 200 genes
Cystic fibrosis
Fanconi anemia
Hearing loss
Tay-Sachs disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Coronary artery disease
Diabetes type 1 & 2
Prostate cancer
Beta blockers
Estrogen supplementation
Eating behavior traits
Food reactions
Nutritional needs
Metabolic health factors
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