How is Cord Blood Collected, Processed & Stored?

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store your child’s cord blood

Cord blood can only be collected from the umbilical cord immediately after birth (normal delivery or caesarean section). This blood is routinely discarded and its collection does not alter normal birth procedures. The collection is painless, easy and safe for both you and your child.

  • 1 Doctor cuts the cord. Baby is separated from placenta.


  • 2 Collection bag needle is inserted into the umbilical cord vein.


  • 3 Blood is drained from the cord into collection bag by gravity flow.


  • 4 Once the cord blood is collected, the collection bag will be placed in our specially designed collection kit and transported to our laboratory for processing.


  • 5 Once it arrives at the laboratory, our technologists will perform a series of tests and assess the amount of stem cells collected. Upon completion, the cord blood stem cells will be stored in a FDA-approved multi-compartment Cryobag and ready to be cryopreserved for long term storage at -196oC.


All processing and testing activities are performed under controlled conditions and comply with local and international processing standards. Our laboratory operates 365 days a year to process and store your baby’s precious stem cells.

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