CellOptima™ – The Exclusive and Patented Technology that You Won’t Want to Miss!

Exclusive Technology with 22 International Patent Protection Granted As At Year 2014

A team of award-winning doctor and scientist from Singapore made significant inroad in the world with the discovery of two powerful stem cell types, MSCs and EpSCs, from cord lining. Together, the Cambridge and Stanford University trained duo developed a unique technology known as CellOptima™ which is designed to isolate and expand stem cells from cord lining. This revolutionary discovery and invented technology CellOptima™ has subsequently led the team to receiving patent grants from 22 countries including United States, United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia and many more. These patents prohibit anybody other than the patent owner from harvesting stem cells from cord lining. In Malaysia, StemLife is the only authorized stem cell bank that has the exclusive right in engaging the CellOptima™ technology to provide this cord lining banking service to you and your family.

Key Features of Our Cord Lining Service & CellOptima™

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  • Post-Thaw Confirmation Tests
    At StemLife, we do not compromise on the quality of our services and we handle every sample like our own. Within 4 weeks of cryopreservation, a small portion of the cord lining tissue will be tested using CellOptima™ technology. This is performed to confirm the presence of the 2 cell types (MSC & EpSC) and that they can be isolated and expanded in the future should the need arises.
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  • Global Cord Registry – Information at your fingertips
    When you bank your baby’s cord lining with us, you automatically become a member of the Global Cord Registry. This enables you to access updates on therapeutic advances and applications of stem cells obtained from the cord lining as well as information about institutions that are licensed to offer therapeutic treatments using stem cells / progenitors cells of the cord lining. Stem cells that were not processed by a registered bank will not be given access to the patented technology including but not limited to the isolation and expansion of EpSCs and MSCs.
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  • Uses and Therapy
    The uses of cord lining stem cells are not conceptual – they are reality. Since 2005, cord lining stem cell technology has been used in clinical trial setting – with Institutional Review Board approval in collaborator centres.

List of Clinical Trials with Stem Cells harvested with CellOptima™

Conditions Partner Universities or Research Institutions
Heart restoration and repair National University of Singapore
Hamburg University, Heart Centre, Germany
Wound management and burns Shriner’s Children’s Burns Hospital, United States
Chinese University of Hong Kong
National Burns Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam
Cornea regeneration Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore
National Eye Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam
Liver regeneration National University of Singapore
Skin & hair rejuvenation Camden Medical Centre, Singapore
BK Clinic, South Korea
National Institute of Dermatology, Hanoi, Vietnam
Insulin-producing cells National Cancer Centre, Singapore
National University of Singapore
Neuronal differentiation for hearing impairment Stanford University, United States
Bone differentiation, repair and regeneration AO Foundation, Switzerland
Keele University, United Kingdom
Hemophilia A National Cancer Centre, Singapore
Human feeder layer for stem cell culture Duke University, United States and National University of Singapore (co-collaboration)
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