How is Cord Lining Collected, Processed & Stored

Cord lining is the membrane-like surface layer that covers and protects your baby’s entire umbilical cord. Thus, in order to obtain cord lining, the very first step is to collect the umbilical cord. This will be done by your attending O&G during the cord blood collection. Once the doctor has cut a segment of the umbilical cord, the umbilical cord will be placed into a container provided in your Umbilical Cord Collection Kit. You can be rest assured that collection of cord blood and umbilical cord are safe and painless procedures for both mother and baby.

  • Step1
  • lining-step-1
  • The umbilical cord collected is sent to StemLife’s laboratory for processing and cryopreservation. Prior to processing, the identity of the umbilical cord collected is verified by our laboratory technologist to ensure that the unit belongs to the right client. All subsequent steps are performed in a biohazard safety cabinet to further eliminate the risk of contamination.
  • Step2
  • lining-step-2
  • Next, the umbilical cord is processed and segmented into smaller pieces.
  • Step3
  • lining-step-3
  • The segments are transferred into multiple cryovials with cryoprotectant solution added-in to safeguard the viability of the cells during cryopreservation.
  • Step4
  • lining-step-4
  • Lastly, the cryovials are stored at -196oC in cryogenic storage tank for long term preservation.
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