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Why Bank Cord Blood?

  • A biological protection for the whole family
  • Rich source of stem cells
  • Can potentially treat more than  80 diseases including blood and immunological disorders
  • Benefit from future emerging treatments
  • Safe, painless & risk-free
  • One chance at birth

How Cord Blood Stem Cells Help?

  • Replace and regenerate damaged or diseased bone marrow
  • Treatment for blood cancers
  • Correct genetic defects (autologous/allogeneic transplantation)
  • Potential for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine

I Want to Know More Information about Cord Blood Banking

Why Choose StemLife?


Over 20 years of experience

Pioneer private stem cell bank in Malaysia since 2001.

Strong and Secure

We are a subsidiary of Cordlife Group, a Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Consumer Healthcare Company. As a group, we are trusted by over 600,000 families who banked their baby's cord blood with us.

Successful Transplant Track Record

Cordlife Group has made 71 cord blood releases, all of which have been used successfully in transplants or cellular therapy.

Internationally accredited laboratory

Parents can be assured that the cord blood unit has been collected, processed and stored according to International AABB standards, a gold standard in Cord blood bank industry.

Enjoy exclusive benefits

7 additional protection benefits to safeguard you and your family when you enrol with StemLife. *T & C applies

9 countries in Asia

Part of the largest network in Asia with affiliation to Cordlife Group Limited - in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Macau, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Success Stories

In August 2016, 10-year-old Lucas, the eldest among his three other siblings, suddenly fell into a state where he constantly felt lethargic and had poor appetite for no apparent reason. Lucas was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Watch this video to see how cord blood transplant saved his life.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rewards will only be given to both existing StemLife customer (referrer) and expectant friend/family member (referee) upon successful sign up of the StemLife’s umbilical cord banking service. The referee must not be an existing StemLife customer.
  • This promotion is only applicable to cord blood and cord lining banking service, excluding cord tissue and Metascreen.
  • Rewards will be given to both referrer and referee within two months of a successful sign-up.
  • This promotion is not valid in conjunction with other discounts and promotions.
  • This promotion is not applicable to doctors, nurses, StemLife existing customers and StemLife employees.
  • For special rates applicable to StemLife existing customers, please contact us separately for more information.
  • All referral entries must be submitted through this page.
  • This promotion is exclusive only to referrer(s) who are existing StemLife customers with a valid and active account only.
  • The Management reserves the right to revise or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • In the event of any dispute or discrepancy, StemLife Management's decision is final.
  • This promotion is valid from 1st October 2022 – 30th November 2022.