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AABB Accreditation – Internationally accredited stem cell bank in Malaysia

AABB Accreditation

Since our inception, StemLife adheres to the best practices and follow the stringent protocols from the collection to the processing and storage of your Child's cord blood. StemLife has also established a quality system and proven track record of reliable cord blood banking services and transplant use track record.

In April 2022, StemLife has successfully achieved the third AABB accreditation for an additional two years since receiving its second in 2020. The re-accreditation status was awarded to StemLife after qualified experts from AABB performed an on-site audit and determined the Company has met or exceeded AABB's stringent standards in the area of medical, technical and administrative performance.

Parents banking with an AABB accredited bank can be assured that the best possible cord blood unit has been collected, tested, processed and stored according to current international standards. Should the cord blood unit be needed in the future, the transplant physician anywhere in the world will know that a unit handled by an AABB accredited bank was collected, tested, processed and stored in a way that is consistent with enhancing the chances of a successful transplant.

AABB Accreditation

(formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks)

The AABB has led the world in the development of blood banking standards since 1957. From 1991 onwards, the AABB has published standards for cord blood banking (which are updated regularly based on additional knowledge in the field), and these high standards are today recognised as one of the world's gold standards. AABB accreditation is viewed as one of the most important criteria when choosing or recommending a cord blood bank. By successfully meeting the rigid standards set by the AABB, StemLife demonstrates its commitment to provide with only the facts and the best possible method for processing as well as storing the transplant-ready cord blood units until needed in the future.

StemLife has received its third accreditation by AABB in 2022.

For more information on this standard, please visit AABB.


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