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StemLife Difference
StemLife Difference

Yasmin and Family

As a young first-time parent, Yasmin instinctively knew that she had to do all she could to protect her first born, Noah Ismail. This is when she and her husband, Sha’arin Razali Wong, decided to take that all-important step to bank their son’s cord blood and stem cells with StemLife.

We totally believe in the benefits that stem cell and cord blood banking promises. To us, it's a form of ‘insurance’ in case our family ever gets sick
says Yasmin thoughtfully. She recalls the research and thorough reading they went through to understand the many benefits of stem cell banking, as well as discerning the reliability of a reputable stemcell bank.
We decided on StemLife as it was (and still is) the company with the best proven track record.

Since the birth of her second child, Eissa Elzander, both Yasmin and Sha’arin are more convinced than ever that their decision to bank their children’s cord blood and stemcells was the right one.
Everything has been good thus far...from the signing up process right up to the collection process – it all went smoothly
says Yasmin.

Both Yasmin and Sha’arin would like to urge all soon-to-be parents to consider the importance and benefits of storing their child’s cord blood, as all-new research and development is making it possible to treat diseases and medical conditions that were once thought impossible.


Yasmin, Husband to Sha’arin Razali Wong

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