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Events and News
Events and News
Cordlife launches new peripheral blood stem cell service in Singapore
24 February 2023
Cordlife expands its global footprint to Cambodia
22 February 2023
Cordlife Publishes Study Confirming Superiority of Strategic Partner’s Stem Cell Growth Media
1 November 2022
Cordlife and AMILI partner to launch the first-ever gut microbiome banking service in Southeast Asia
21 June 2022
Cordlife Hong Kong is accredited by AABB for 13 consecutive years
8 June 2022
Stemlife Earns AABB Accreditation for the Third Consecutive Time
25 April 2022
Cordlife Singapore expands suite of paediatric services with EarscreenTM and Cordlife Talent Screening
04 February 2022
Cordlife Indonesia extends stem cell cryopreservation service to leukaemia patients from Dharmais Cancer Hospital in support of cellular therapy
10 January 2022
Cordlife’s Cord Blood Banking Facility in Philippines Attains AABB Accreditation Once Again
18 November 2021
Cordlife Group Celebrates 20 Years Of Revolutionary Innovation Research
1 September 2021
Cordlife’s Cord Blood Banking Facility in India Attains AABB and NABL Accreditation
29 July 2021
SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre and Cordlife partner to advance stem cell technology to first-in-man clinical trial in Singapore
11 May 2021
Cordlife launches OptiQ: A first-of-its-kind corneal lenticule banking service in Singapore
3 March 2021
Cordlife’s Malaysia subsidiary, Stemlife, clinches The BrandLaureate World’s e-Branding Award
9 February 2021
The Untapped Market Of Cord Blood Banking
15th October 2020
Cordlife supports clinical trials with donated umbilical cords and mesenchymal stem cell banking service in the Philippines
21 September 2020
Stemlife Berhad Opens Stem Cell Banking Resource Centre in JPMC
6 March 2020
Cordlife’s Cord Blood Banking Facility in Singapore Attains AABB Accreditation for the Seventh Time
6 February 2020
Cordlife Becomes First Cord Blood Bank in Indonesia to Achieve Global AABB Accreditation
6 November 2019
Cordlife Group’s Subsidiary in the Philippines receives AABB Re-accreditation
28 August 2019
Cordlife Extends Geographical Footprint to Bangladesh
23 August 2019
Cordlife Opens the Largest Stem Cell Banking Facility in Indonesia
17 May 2019
Healthbaby is First Private Cord Blood Bank in Hong Kong to Achieve FACT Accreditation
16 April 2019
Cordlife’s South Korea Partner EDGC Receives CAP Accreditation For Its Proprietary NIPT Services
21 August 2018
ONE BLOOD, a Stemlife CSR programme
13 July 2018
Cordlife Launches Genetic Testing Service in the Philippines to Help Families Prevent and Manage Hereditary Conditions
17 May 2018
Malaysia’s Largest and Pioneer Cord Blood Bank Stemlife Berhad Receives World-class AABB Accreditation
17 April 2018
StemLife and Jerudong Park Medical Centre collaborate to offer cord blood banking services
28 September 2016
Prof Dr Menaka: Babies cord blood a life-saving source to treat blood related diseases
8 September 2016
Fetal DNA screening from maternal blood during pregnancy, NIPT helps prevent abnormal miscarriages rate (抽孕妇血验胎儿DNA NIPT揪异常减流产率 )
21 January 2021
Preventing birth defects (预防出生缺陷 ) - Page 21
January 2021
Only 4 HLA match is required, high success rate for cord blood transplantation. 僅需4 HLA抗原點相合 臍帶血移植成功率高
28 March 2021
Mesenchymal stem cells promote repair and regeneration of lung damage, a potential therapy for COVID19. 促进再生减肺损伤 间充质干细胞 治COVID-19露曙光
12 February 2021
Unlocking the unlimited potential of stem cells
10 January 2021
Artificial cultivation of stem cells for the future of artificial organs is not a dream (人工培养干细胞 未来人造器官不是梦)
19 November 2020
The untapped market of cord blood banking
15 October 2020
New app aims to help women at nearly every stage of motherhood
10 September 2020
JPMC partners with stem cell banking pioneer
7 March 2020
What we need to know about cord blood banking (from Astro: Cerita Sihat Nisa)
28 July 2018
6 Steps to Banking Your Baby's Cord Blood Stem Cells
July 2018
Cordlife Genscreen introduces PlumCare DNA Advisor
28 May 2018
Cordlife Genscreen introduces PlumCare DNA Advisor
28 May 2018
Cord blood bank Stemlife gets accreditation from AABB
17 April 2018
Sel stem umpama ‘antibiotik’ mujarab
17 January 2018
Stemlife to leverage of Singapore-listed Cordlife's expertise
21 November 2016
Stemlife, Jerudong Park Medical Centre collaborate to offer cord blood banking services
29 September 2016
StemLife to work with Brunei hospital
28 September 2016
Stem Cell Transplants Better Than New Therapies at Delaying Myeloma Progression, Analysis Finds
7 February 2018
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Clinical Trial
6 February 2018
Umbilical cord blood improves motor skills in some children with cerebral palsy
30 October 2017
Expanded Access Protocol: Umbilical Cord Blood Infusions for Children With Brain Injuries
25 October 2017
Cell-Based Therapy for Dry AMD Promising in Early Trial
14 October 2017
Recruiting Clinical Trials of Cord Blood or Umbilical Cord Tissue
October 2017
Heart failure could be treated using umbilical cord stem cells
27 September 2017
Phase 2 clinical trial begins for stem cell therapy to treat aging frailty
11 September 2017
Stem Cell Therapy For Pain Management
8 September 2017
Stem cell trial shows promising results for children with autism
1 AUGUST 2017

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