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Dear StemLife Parent

At StemLife, we value your trust in choosing us to store your child’s precious stem cells. We take this responsibility seriously by providing our highest standard in cord blood banking to ensure that your child’s stem cells are readily available if ever required.

Although our primary promise and responsibility is ensuring the continued safety of your child’s umbilical cord blood and cord lining stem cells, we recognise our role in assisting our families where possible if they ever have the need for these precious stem cells.

To serve this need, we have been in discussions with prominent international research teams and clinicians to see where we can proactively seek promising research efforts and clinical trials and hopefully avail these opportunities to you, our StemLife families.

The StemLife Stem Cell Therapy Centre assists StemLife families with queries on existing conditions that have afflicted their loved ones. Through your enquiry, we seek to obtain more information on the various avenues of possible treatment or trial opportunities that may be presented.

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The StemLifeTherapy Centre does not guarantee that the stored stem cells can provide a cure or be applicable in every or any situation. The suitability and eligibility of the stored cord blood unit being used for therapy or clinical trial are based ultimately on recommendations by the treating physician.


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