Why Cryobag?

Stem cells can be cryopreserved and stored using two different systems: cryobags and cryovials.

StemLife uses FDA-approved cryobags only for all its clients, complying to the National Standards for Cord Blood Banking (Jan 2008) by Ministry of Health Malaysia, and FACT-NETCORD which indicated that all cord blood stem cell storage shall be stored in bags.


Why StemLife use Cryobag

  • Compliant with international Gold Standard for Private Cord Blood Bank (AABB)

    With effect from 01/01/2007, AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks) requires that all integral segments are attached to cord blood units for subsequent testing.

  • Availability for Sample Testing

    2 integrally attached segments

  • FDA Approved
  • Customised for Long Term Human Stem Cell Cryostorage
  • Integrated Multi-compartments
  • Ease in Labeling

    Flat surface & larger surface area

  • Higher Amount of Viable Cells1

    82%, due to even distribution of temperature and greater surface area.

  • Less Contamination Risk2

    Triple-BAG system is attached to the collection blood bag at the start of processing and cryobag is sealed before detachment for storage. This functionally CLOSED system design eliminates the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination.

  • Ease of Use / Direct Access

    Ready-made insertion port for direct access when transplantation is needed. More than 90% transplantation centres use the cryobag system.


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